Monday, October 07, 2013

Ask JKM a Question: Surveillance (2008)?

My friend and reader, Trent, writes:

"Could you possibly post a review of a 2008 release of a title called 'Surveillance'? Starring Bill Pullman & Julia Ormond,  directed by Jennifer Lynch,  I am truly curious as to what you think of this film."

Trent, I watched the thriller Surveillance after receiving your e-mail, and found it a strange, strange film, with a quirky sense of humor, and some remarkable visuals.  I have a lot to explore there, so thanks for leading me to Lynch's film. It is indeed...Lynch-ian.

I will post a detailed review this Friday morning, so look for it!


  1. Great. I found the trailer fascinating but feared jumping into those strange waters. I will enjoy hearing your thoughts on this one. I've had similar questions for you with films like The Jacket, Wrecked and other films that I wish I had the time to explore.

    1. Hi SFF,

      I hope you enjoy the review of Surveillance. It is a weird one, all right. I have not seen The Jacket, or heard of Wrecked. Sounds like I have some new titles to explore...

      Thank you for the comment, my friend.


  2. Thanks!
    I look forward to the review!


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