Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Godzilla Week: At Anorak - The 5 Greatest Godzilla Movies Ever Made

Up at Anorak right now is a post connected to the Godzilla Week event here on the blog.  Specifically, I've written up my five selections for the five greatest Godzilla Movies Ever Made.  

I suspect some of my selections will be surprises, because they generally don't conform to conventional wisdom on the franchise (except, of course, for selection #1.)

Here's a snippet:

SINCE his first silver screen appearance in 1954, Toho’s giant monster Godzilla has starred in more than two dozen epic movies.
The big green lizard has been featured as a terrifying villain, as a defender of the Earth, and, occasionally, even traveled to American shores to wreak havoc.  In this span, Godzilla has stood alone, acted as a tag team player (with friends like Anguirus and Rodan…), battled ancient threats to humanity, and even fended off alien invaders on more than one occasion (Monster Zero [1965],Final Wars [2004]).
With the release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla in theaters (2014) now imminent, it’s the perfect time to remember Godzilla’s most memorable and successful historical efforts.

The following five films represent Godzilla’s greatest cinematic triumphs.

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