Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Star Trek Week 2019: Trek Magazine

I've written here before about my enduring love for The Best of Trek Signet Books. These are compilations from Trek Magazine, featuring the best articles and features from that periodical.

I also have in my collection one (and only one...) issue of the magazine, from 1974 or 1975, I believe. 

It was purchased at a convention by a friend of mine, David in high school.  We were in marching band together, and when he found out I was a Star Trek fan, he gave it to me.

So the magazine is forty plus years old, and I've had it in my collection for twenty-five years and counting.  It's a little stained and wrinkled in places, for sure.

But I am posting some photos from the magazine today anyway, so you can get a sense of Trek fandom, pre-Internet, pre-Starlog Era, even.  

One feature in the magazine is "Starship Chronicles," which is a kind of pictorial re-cap of a particular episode. 

The episode covered in this issue is "Arena" (the one with the Gorn).

The same issue also features interviews with Walter Koenig and Leonard Nimoy.

I also find the ads -- from the Star Trek "Super Sales Center"--  in the magazine extremely "fascinating" (to appropriate some terminology from Mr. Spock). 

...AMT Model kits, Star Trek Viewmasters, Mr. Spock "life-like" masks and more.  

Imagine, for a moment (or should I say, remember...) a time when you could still order all those items and not pay crazy collectible prices for them...

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