Saturday, May 07, 2011

Lance Henriksen Blogathon: Day 1 - 5

On the final day of the Lance Henriksen Blogathon, a quick look back at the first five days (and over 40 posts...) of this celebration.  This list conforms to the days these articles were posted here, on Reflections on Film/TV.

Day 1

Reflections on Film/TV: "I'm Hoping I Never Get Caught Acting:" The Tao of Lance Henriksen

It Rains...You Get Wet: A Viewership Lived Through Lance

Movies Made Me: Lance Henriksen Goes West

From the Stars: Lance Henriksen: Acting Like He Means It.

The Pineal Eye: Hard Target

Kindertrauma: Pumpkinhead

Day 2

Reflections on Film/TV: Lance Henriksen Interview on The Quick and The Dead

Movies Made Me: Lance Henriksen's Ten Favorite Westerns

The Pineal Eye: Near Dark

Gris Gris: You Can't Save Everyone, But You Can Try

Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion: The Henriksen Prinple of Elevation

Vern reviews Not Bad for A Human

Movie Mikes: Interview with Lance Henriksen

Back to Frank Black: My Life with Lance

Fangoria's B-Sol reviews Not Bad for A Human

Day 3

Reflections on Film/TV: The Cult-TV Faces of: Lance Henriksen

Fascination with Fear: Over Forty Years Of Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Movies Made Me: Millennium - Critical Mass

The United Province of Ivanlandia: Laughing with Chains

Gris Gris: Anyone can see that the road that they walk on is paved in gold

Back to Frank Black: What the Killer Sees: Frank Black

Radiator Heaven: Nightmares: "The Benediction"

The Pineal Eye: The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

Day 4

Reflections on Film/TV: Five Favorite Frank Black Moments

Movies Made Me: The Invitation

The Outlaw Vern reviews Savage Dawn (1985)

The Essence of Excellence

The Pineal Eye: Lance Henriksen Interview: Not Bad for a Human Interview

In the Comfy Chair: Death, Destruction, and Puppies

The Paxton Configuration: Not Bad For a Non-Player Character: Lance Henriksen and Video Games, Part 1.

Josef's Video Musings: A Lance Henriksen Birthday Video

Day 5

Reflections on Film/TV: An Underrated Lance Henriksen Performance: Alien 3

Movies Made Me: Horror and Comics

Vern reviews Excessive Force

Gris Gris: You can have my isolation; you can have the hate it brings.

It Rains...You Get Wet:  A Small Study in Contrast: Bishop and Rafe

DiRT presents a video about Not Bad for a Human

Kindertrauma: Mimic: Sentinel (2003)

Musings of a Sci-Fi Fanatic: Lance Henriksen: Profile And Measures Of The Millennium Man

Kindertruama: Lance Henriksen Funhouse


  1. Great summary of links, John. Thanks.

  2. Absolutely! I figured it was a good way to end the beginning, or something like that...



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