Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Back to Frank Black: My Life with Lance

Witty and wise James McLean at Back to Frank Black, today contributes a  piece called "My Life with Lance."  James recounts how he came to be familiar with Mr. Henriksen through his film and TV roles, and then he looks at the man behind those roles.

And as Frank is different to Bishop, Lance is different to both – yet in some respects imbues facets of the two. There is a natural honesty to Lance that he carries in both of these characters – but compared to Frank or Bishop there is a really raw energy in Lance Henriksen, an unstoppable urge to get things done, to find solutions and to make the most of a situation. He doesn't let himself dwell on the negatives in life, but he doesn't ignore the pain and suffering that he knows is present – and is always willing to contribute in anyway to fight such real horror. Perhaps in that respect, you can see shades of Frank, but if with Frank there's a passive dedication to hope, with Lance it's an active pursuit. And unlike both those characters, he is a man of great wit and humour – he can seriously make you laugh. He is opinionated and informed – he will say what he thinks and in his art he puts his all into the roles he plays.

Thanks so much, James.  It was great to read this.

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