Monday, May 02, 2011

From the Stars: "Lance Henriksen: Acting Like He Means It."

Here we have another early Lance Henriksen contribution, from the blog, From the Stars

Author Sean Stubblefield presents a "re-combined" series of excerpts from "various interviews" which "tell a summary of Lance's acting ethos in his own words."


"And when I was seeing them (movies) as a kid I did detect the falseness of a lot of it, and I got an early image that if I told the truth I could do it better, and when great actors came along and some of these movies started changing into real character studies and people telling the truth about their lives with their performances I really knew there was a place for me."

Thank you, Sean!


  1. I enjoyed this a lot. Thanks John & Sean (sorry about that rhyming bit, though).

  2. Interviews are always insightful and good fun. Thanks for the offering Sean. I'll read it in full later.

    I't's been difficult keeping up with the contributions. They are coming in fast and furious.

    Regards, SFF


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