Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Movie Mikes: Interview with Lance Henriksen

Over at Movie Mikes, Mike Gencarelli interviews Mr. Henriksen regarding his soon-to-be-released biography, Not Bad for a Human.

LH: Dylan Thomas has a great phrase he used it was “tell me about your life but be quick or I will be telling you about mine” [laughs]. I am always a believer of the campfire stories. As tribal people we used to all sit around the campfire and tell stories. Most of the stories were morality plays and they are about some aspect of our life that we are afraid of or we wanted to obtain. So its more like when are start talking about it and bringing up these things about your life, it starts escalating into a long story. It took us over a year to write it, its not like we sat around a campfire for a year [laughs] but it has the same feeling.

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  1. A really succinct and outstanding interview Mike.

    There were loads of insightful pieces in there and lots of good information about the man as a man and actor. I enjoyed it.

    I didn't realize Bill S. did a piece of art for Joe's book but that makes sense. It looks like Trademark Bill S.

    The film BRING ME THE HEAD sounds like a great idea. I certainly hope that comes to fruition one day.

    I love the input you received from Lance on just how crucial his relationship was with Cameron. It is certainly the reason I know who Lance Henriksen is. He deserves a bit of credit to be sure, but Lance happily gives it.

    I think he also captures why Bigelow is one of those rare, successful female directors. She's quite a strong, gifted director.

    Anyway, a fine job here and more evidence the book will be a corker!
    My only complaint Mike... I wanted more.



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