Friday, July 21, 2017

John and Jim's Excellent Journey Podcast #2: Space:1999

Check out the second chapter of my podcast with the extraordinary and learned James McLean. Our topic for this episode of John and Jim's Excellent Journey: Space: 1999 (1975 -1977).

This episode was recorded in April, well before Martin Landau's passing last week, but it is posting at the perfect time to remember one of the actor's most beloved roles.

Here's the link:


  1. I just finished listening to your appearance on John and Jim's Excellent Journey Podcast #2:Space:1999.
    I must compliment both James McLean and you for being extremely entertaining. The discussion path that you both covered was brilliant. I think it will be a catalyst to make a listener want to explore Space:1999. John, I know that you are a man of the written word, but your on-air work is engaging too. I wish this was weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

    My five Space:1999 episodes that I would recommend to a new viewer are:

    "Dragon's Domain"
    "Testament Of Arcadia"
    "Force Of Life"
    "Beta Cloud"/"Space Warp"(tied)
    "Immunity Syndrome"


  2. We have another in the can, on an interesting topic of the Fugitive and its man-on-the-run model. I suspect that will be out next month. Thanks for the kind words! I think we'll be doing another one very soon. I think a focus on The Hulk was one temptation, right John? Any feedback or topics, would be appreciated.
    And yes, I like those. I wonder if they could look back and see which resonated with viewers longterm, would we have got more like Dragon's Domain?


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