Monday, July 24, 2017

Ask JKM a Question: Savage Cinema Fridays?

A reader named Gene writes:

"Savage Fridays was my most anticipated entry on your blog several years back. Is there any chance of you possibly bringing this back in the short-term? "

Gene, your question takes me back!

I believe it was 2012 -- already five years ago!! -- when I devoted Fridays to the Savage Cinema.  

As readers may remember, the savage horror films (not necessarily supernatural...just violent) are among my favorites. These films symbolize a recognition, it seems to me, of life's essential absurdity, randomness, and chaotic nature. I love their brutal qualities, and their equally blunt social commentary.

Some of the films I reviewed in the series include Straw Dogs (1971), Deliverance (1972), Last House on the Left (1972), I Spit on Your Grave (1978), and Irreversible (2002), as I recall.

There are still many savage cinema entries I haven't reviewed on the blog, including my all-time favorite: Martyrs (2008).  Another of this type that I enjoy, and need to review is Wolf Creek (2005).

As far as getting back to those films and reviving the blog series, I would love to have the opportunity!

In fact, I want to extend my thanks to everyone who has stuck with me and the blog this summer, as my posts have been less frequent.  

I am teaching two classes all summer (Intro to Film and Public Speaking), and when not teaching, I have been with my son, who is off from school for the summer. He is ten, and we have been gaming, playing with Legos, and having other adventures together. Most of his friends are away at camps or on vacation for the summer, so we spend a lot of (wonderful) time together.

So it has been more and more difficult to find time to blog. It has been a real challenge. I still haven't gotten to my review of War for the Planet of the Apes!  

However, I am anticipating and planning a re-birth of and re-commitment to blogging once I am back at school full time, and Joel is also back at school full time. That's mid-to-late August.  So if you can hang around till then, I can plan to revive Savage Fridays, and start with Martyrs and Wolf Creek.

Thank you for asking the question!

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  1. I need to scroll back and check out those Savage Cinema entries. Wolf Creek is a great film in that subgenre. Another one I loved was Wrong Turn (from 2002 I believe), a movie that owes a lot to the X-Files masterpiece "Home".

    Dying for your "War" review. Don't make us wait too long. :-)

  2. John, we will still be here. You have kept this blog active and interesting this summer. You will never regret spending this quality time with your son. Enjoy the adventures.



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