Monday, May 07, 2012

The Cult-TV Faces of: Hand-Held Tech

Identified by Brian: Star Trek communicator, from "The Cage."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek communicator, from "Friday's Child."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek tricorder, from "City on the Edge of Forever."

Identified by Brian: Scotty's trident engineering too from Star Trek.

Identified by Brian: Star Trek's universal translator, from "Metamorphosis."

Identified by Brian: Space:1999's commlock, from "Earthbound."

Identified by Brian: Space:1999's radiation gauge, from "Breakaway."

Identified by Brian: Space:1999's water analyzer, from "Matter of Life and Death."

Identified by SGB: Space:1999's scanner, from "The AB Chrysalis."

Identified by Jason: The Fantastic Journey: Varian's Sonic Energizer.
Identified by Brian: Logan's Run: The Series scanner/flashlight.

Identified by Brian: Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver, from "The Sontaran Experiment."

Identified by Brian: Battlestar Galactica's languatron.

Identified by Brian: Voyagers!' Omni.

Identified by Brian: The access crystal, from Otherworld: "Rules of Attraction."

Identified by Brian: Star Trek Voyager's medical tricorder.
Identified by Brian: Deep Space Nine's PADD.

Identified by Brian: The Resurrection Glove, from Torchwood.

Identified by Carl: Primeval's first ADD (Anomaly Detecting Device).


  1. 1. original communicator from Star Trek "The Cage"
    2. ST:TOS communicator
    3. ST:TOS tricorder
    4. ST:TOS one of Scotty's engineering instruments
    5. ST:TOS universal translator
    6. Space:1999 commlock
    7. Space:1999 radiation meter
    8. Space:1999 water scanner
    9. Logan's Run
    10. Logan's Run
    11. Logan's Run
    12. Doctor Who sonic screwdriver
    13. Battlestar Galactica
    14. Voyagers! Omni
    15. Otherworld
    16. Star Trek:TNG tricorder
    17. Star Trek:TNG PADD
    18. Torchwood Resurrection Gauntlet
    19. ... ya got me there!

  2. This would have been a prime opportunity to feature the timer from Sliders.

  3. #7 looks like a Mr. Merlin prototype! I actually have no idea on any of these but just wanted to point out the difference in production value of some of the hand held communicators. Props to #16; someone took their time on that one!

  4. Hey Brian,

    Wow! You took a great number of these hand-helds right off the table sir. The only ones left outstanding are 9, 10 and #19. Wow! Excellent job, sir!

    Josef: I don't know Sliders that well, but I'm hoping to start watching it soon, now that it is available for free streaming on Netflix.


  5. Hi Chadillac: You're right about number #7 looking like an early version of Merlin, perhaps combined with Simon! :)

    And yeah, the tricorder looks pretty great. I'm more a fan of the old school tricorders, however, probably because I grew up with them.


  6. Is 19 primeval?

  7. Carl: #19 is indeed the ADD (Anomaly Detection Device) from the great Primeval. I totally love that show. Later on the ADD was updated, so this is actually a frame of the early prototype built by Connor.

    Great job!

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    #9 SPACE:1999

    John, I think you will enjoy SLIDERS(1995-2000). It has a Twlight Zone feel with all the alternate Earths with so many "what ifs..." in society.


  9. SGB: Yep, #9 is also from Space:1999, The AB Chrysalis. Well done, my friend.

    I began watching Sliders waaay back in the 1990s, but didn't stay with it for more than a handful of episodes. I liked what I saw, but I must admit, I don't remember a lot about it. I'm looking forward to catching up with the series again..

    Right now, I am catching up with Primeval (on season 3), after having finished the first three seasons of Torchwood. Also watching my new dvd of Ghost Story/Circle of Fear. But Sliders is high on my list...


  10. Number 10 is of course Varian's sonic energizer from The Fantastic Journey...

  11. Regarding Sliders, the first two seasons were the best. Too much tampering from FOX suits who know nothing about television. They were shown out of order during season one and perhaps season two as well. I suggest you look up the production order, not airdate order, it was like that on the DVD, so you had to change discs a lot to see them in right order. Even in Iceland, they were shown in the same way. The episodes linked, sort of like Quantum Leap during the first season and I remember one episode started on a world that was shown in the next episode. This is one reason the network opted to have them individualized because they wanted to show them out of order. Season 3 resorted to popular movie rip-offs, season 4 was a welcome return to the way things were but still not the same. And season 5, didn't have a lot going for it since most of the original cast was gone and little budget to work with. I did however like the finale and sort of wanted to see it continue, just to give proper closure. It's a shame, since they could have gone into so many directions with this show...perhaps on an parallel Earth Sliders is still going strong. It was a great concept, and I don't get it why they haven't tried to reboot it. Stargate was pretty popular, and it's quite similar concept.

  12. Arg, can't believe I missed #9! I guess it's time to brush up on Year Two episodes.

    I concur with Josef's assessment of Sliders-- the first two seasons were the best. The departure of John Rhys-Davies and Sabrina Lloyd weakened the cast, and Jerry O'Connell's departure pretty much killed the show (like Blake's 7 without Blake.)