Sunday, September 27, 2015

At Flashbak: Fair-Weather Friends? Six Times Sci-Fi TV Imagined Weather Control Machines

My second Flashbak article in the past week surveyed the cult-TV series that featured a familiar plot line: a villain who plans to use a weather-control device to...take over the world.

"At last, a definitive answer to the question: is climate change caused by man?

If you follow cult-TV history, you already knew the answer is affirmative. Mad scientists, super-villains, aliens and other creatures have been altering the weather -- intentionally -- since the 1960s.

It’s a dream we all might understand.  Wouldn’t you like to make it snow so you don’t have to attend school, or work?  Wouldn’t you like to make it rain during a drought?  Or bring sunshine to a slate gray sky?

In cult-TV history, that dream has frequently been a reality.  

Across the decades, many programs -- from horror, to sci-fi, to fantasy -- have focused on individuals who endeavor to control the weather through experimental instrumentation or machinery.

Here are some of the most memorable examples..."

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  1. There's an UNDERDOG story that involves a weather machine created by Simon Bar Sinister. (I love the double joke in that name.)