Star Trek Anniversary Top #20: Introduction

This week on the blog will devoted to a celebration of Star Trek's anniversary.  The classic Gene Roddenberry series first aired 51 years ago, September 8th.  So I will post reviews of my top twenty episodes, as well as reader lists for the top 20 episodes this week. On Friday, I will tally all the lists, and provide a definitive list of the top 20 episodes (as decided by those who read this blog).

Although last year was the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, this year is a big celebration for another reason too.

Star Trek: Discovery Bows on the 24th of September, in just a few short weeks, and it's the first series since Enterprise ended in 2005.

Also, I am nearly done with my review of every episode of the original Trek! (I should finish up by mid-October, I believe.)

So, I hope you will join me this week to celebrate 51 years of Star Trek in the pop culture. The first reader list will be posted soon (at a rate, this point, of 2 a day).


  1. John,

    This is going to be a fun week! I'm very much looking forward to reading all of the top 20 lists (including yours, of course)!

    In other news, I just picked up a Roku stick at Best Buy yesterday, and will be subscribing to CBS All Access in short order. Very excited for Star Trek Discovery!

    Let the good times roll!



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