Monday, September 25, 2017

The Muir Cave

So, on top of everything else that has been taking my attention since summer 2017, my entire family has been working on a rec-room for the past several months. 

In short, we have converted our garage into a gaming and play "cave" for the entire family.

Today, I wanted to share a look at the room with you.  

Joel, Kathryn and I decided on the decor together  -- we went with movies (and primarily Godzilla movies) -- and my incredible and handy parents put down a new floor, and built a gorgeous bar, where we can eat our meals and watch TV.

Behind the wall-sized curtain is a garage-door length green screen, for occasions when Joel and his friends want to shoot gaming videos.

My main contribution to the room, honestly, was figuring out how to get everything hooked up to the wall-mounted TV for easy viewing and gaming.  

Our gaming "system" is currently outfitted to play XBox 360, WiiU, Playstation 4, Retropie, Playstation 2, GameCube, and Blu Rays without unplugging anything.

We still have a few posters on the way (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and another Godzilla one), but let me just say that since we finished this room a week or so ago, our whole viewing experience has been revolutionized.

Welcome to the Muir Cave!  And as you can see our cats have already started moving in...


  1. John, the Muir Cave is simply brilliant. Compliments to all of your family that made the former garage into such an impressive room. I love the movie poster choices, especially Jaws and the soon to arrive Star Trek:The Motion Picture. Will a Space:1999 item, artwork or technical notebook blueprint be added to the Muir Cave in the future? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the Muir Cave.


  2. Very nice, John!


  3. woodchuckgod7:16 AM

    Now that, is an amazing setup. Well done! And let me compliment you on the wide array of gaming systems. Bravo!


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