Saturday, September 12, 2015

Breakaway Day 2015: Space:1999 - The Forsaken and The Whispering Sea

In the last twelve years, I have had the great honor of writing two officially-licensed Space:1999 novels for Powys Media: The Forsaken (2003), and The Whispering Sea (2014).

The Forsaken is a bridge novel that connects the two seasons of the series, telling an unseen story set between "The Testament of Arkadia" and "The Metamorph."  It attempts to explain why Year One and Year Two look so different, and why certain characters behave differently too.

The Whispering Sea, meanwhile, is a bridge story between "The Metamorph" and "The Exiles," one which tells of Maya's arrival on Moonbase Alpha, and the events that lead her to become Alpha's science officer.  

Also, two of my stories can be found in the anthology Shepherd Moon. My stories are "A Touch of Venus," about a young Koenig's toughest command crisis, as an astronaut cadet (a story mentioned in "The Exiles" and "The Lambda Factor"), and "Futility," a Year One set mystery.

Meanwhile, the great Bill Latham has written the just-released Space:1999 novel: The Final Revolution!

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