Monday, April 13, 2015

The Cult-TV Faces of: The Big Screen

Identified by David Colohan: The Outer Limits: "Galaxy Being."

Identified by Hugh: Star Trek: "Spock's Brain."

Identified by David Colohan: The Starlost (1973)

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Space:1999.

Identified by Hugh: The Super Friends.

Identified by Hugh: Mystery Island.

Identified by Hugh: Blake's 7

Not Identified: Buck Rogers in the 25th Centiury: "Time of the Hawk"

Identified by Hugh: Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Heart of Glory."

Identified by Hugh: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Identified by Pierre Fontaine: Babylon 5.

Identified by SGB: Star Trek: Voyager: "The 37s."

Not Identified: Star Trek: Enterprise.

Identified by Hugh: Doctor Who: "Victory of the Daleks"

Identified by Hugh: Futurama


  1. 2. Star Trek
    5. Superfriends
    6. Mystery Island
    7. Blake's 7
    9. ST:TNG
    10. MST3K
    12. ST: DS9
    13. Enterprise
    14. Doctor Who
    15. Doctor Who
    16. Futurama

    1. Hugh, you did a great job, as usual. I think your numbering may have gotten off late in the list. #12 was actually Babylon 5, 11 was DS9, and then down through the Treks. (#14 was Enterprise)! Still, your typical awesome job, my friend!

  2. David Colohan7:42 AM

    A few guesses, as Hugh has done all the work..

    1. The Outer Limits
    3. The Starlost
    4. Moonbase 3 (wild guess there)

    Hope this finds you well....

    1. Hi David: Fantastic job! #1 and #3 are spot-on! #4 is not Moonbase #3, but the series, Space:1999 is set on a moonbase! Great job!

  3. 4. Space:1999
    11. Deep Space 9
    12. Babylon 5

    1. Hi Pierre! A clean sweep! Great job!!!!

  4. I remember a stand-up comic once saying the reason Americans loved "Star Trek" was because it fulfilled the real American Dream: the guy in charge gets the best seat in the room, and he gets to decide what to watch on the big TV.

    1. Monc: I love that joke. And I agree with the thought behind 100 percent. Look at our flat screen TVs and lazy boys -- view screens and command chairs, absolutely!

  5. Hi John,

    I am curious what #8 is ??

    #13 Star Trek:Voyager


    1. Hi SGB: #8 is from the second season of Buck Rogers. That's the bridge of the Searcher, and the viewscreen is showing the ship that Hawk destroyed in "Time of the Hawk." Great job on #13!!!!