Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Ten Years of JKM Reflections: The Insult Archive (Negative Reader Comments on my review of The Ghost Whisperer)

I've tailored my approach, obviously, but back in 2005, I wrote an extremely harsh review of Ghost Whisperer, a CBS TV series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. You can read it here.

Well, die-hard fans of the series responded in force to my negative review back in the day, and I wanted to share their remarks and comments with you today, for old time's sake, and for the tenth anniversary of the blog.

This is the Ghost Whisperer fan base, undiluted, and I hope you enjoy reading their thoughts again as much as I have over the years.  All punctuation and spelling are original to the writers.

"What are you talking about. Ghost whisperer is the best. You are so negative. Whatever, everybody has their own opinion and yours is wrong!!!!

"Ghost whisperer is brilliant. You dont know what you are on about and you dont know what good tv is. I know what you think you wrote about it is funny but it isnt!!!!!!"

"So saaaaaaaadddddddddd I am late for this. The guy who wrote about it is basic, shallow, ridicolous and the type of guy who must surely have two frogos hopping inside his head. If you do not believe in ghosts or in the capacity of communicating with the dead..ok. But Please!! A little respect!!!! Well, I really do not know why to waste my time in someone like you... Surely the only series you like are Beavis and Butthead or maybe those basic and disgusting rockers from MTV."

"I just read your comments on the show Ghost Whisperer and even if I have read stupid comments before from other idiots like yourself, you have won the prize. You are clearly the definition of a true ASS !!!

"rwGhost whisperer is the best. If you don't like it don't watch it."

"Touched by An Angel was one of the greatest shows ever produced for TV!! Ghost Whisperer is right up their in the same category! What wrong would you rather have our children watch people killing each other and a other such negative shows? You got it wrong and need to be a big enough person to admit it!

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don't think you gave ghost whisperer a chance. It is a really good show and I agree I would rather our children watch shows like ghost whisperer instead of all the sex, foul language and gorey shows that are on now. I think Jennifer Love Hewitt has real winner with this show."

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