Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: Secrets of Isis: "Fool's Dare"

In “Fool’s Dare,” directed by Hollingsworth Morse, two of Cindy Lee’s friends dare her to enter a locked auto junk yard.  She accepts the dare, trespasses, and almost immediately runs afoul of a car theft ring.

Coincidentally, this ring of thieves has just stolen Mrs. Thomas’s car!

Before long, it’s Isis to the rescue...

The third episode of Filmation’s Secrets of Isis features a pre-Halloween (1978) guest appearance by the great Charles Cyphers. Cyphers played Haddonfield’s Sheriff Brackett, but he was on the opposite side of the law here, portraying a car thief. In fact, he plays the nastiest of the bunch.

In this episode, Isis deals with indignity of having her car stolen, which isn’t something that often happens to superheroes, but at least in this case it leads her to Cindy Lee’s rescue. The message of the episode is that kids shouldn’t feel pressured to do something (whether drugs, or entering a locked auto junkyard) and instead “listen to your own inner voice.”

The series is still adding some interesting powers for Isis at this relatively early juncture. Here, her head-piece glows and she can see through the eyes of her pet crow, Tut, who is a regular sidekick at this point.  Tut flies into the junkyard ahead of Isis, and gets the lay of the land.  But Tut is usually seen in the classroom.

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