Tuesday, January 06, 2015

In One Month: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

The year 2015 is going to bring audiences many sci-fi sequels, but I'm also looking forward to Jupiter Ascending, an original sci-fi epic from the Wachowskis which bows on February 6  

I know there's much controversy surrounding the quality of The Matrix sequels, but I'm a fan of all the Wachowski films, including Speed Racer (2008). and Cloud Atlas (2012). 

The trailers for Jupiter Ascending suggest an epic sci-fi/fantasy pastiche.  

I suspect it's either going to be a bravura, full-throated re-invention of the form, spun from familiar tropes, or -- if things go badly -- a CGI-laden mess

Just one month till we find out which.

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  1. raito1:49 PM

    I'm guessing things will go badly.

    My wife and I took in a movie in a theater over Christmas (something we seldom do anymore). There were several trailers for sci-fi movies.

    In short, they all looked the same. Lots of shiny stuff blowing up. At least 3 even used the same percussion cadence for similar end sequences.

    If I can't tell movies apart by watching the trailers, there isn't much hope, is there?