Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reader Top Ten Science Fiction Films List: Kevin Harmon

Blogger and friend Kevin Harmon starts us off today with Day Three of Reader Top Ten Science Fiction Film Lists.  

I'll be posting more lists today and tomorrow and Friday, and then, on the weekend, be tallying up all the votes.

Kevin's list highlights some great choices, and it reminds me of the Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back Conundrum.  Which goes on the list?  I picked Star Wars on my list, as the originator, but Empire is, in many ways, a superior film.  The question is, does that superiority arise from the short-hand/characterization/world established by Star Wars?  I think everyone will answer this question differently, but they are two great films, to be certain.

I was also happy to see Children of Men on the list.  It is a brilliant film, but God is it bleak! It makes me cry like a baby every time I've watched, and I've watched it three times!

I should also observe at this juncture that 2001: A Space Odyssey is by far and away a favorite not only for the reader top ten, but appears on most lists in the number #1 slot!  

So here is Kevin's list:

"1.2001 A Space Odyssey
2. Alien
3. Blade Runner
4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
5. The Empire Strikes Back
6. E.T.
7.Star Trek Wrath of Khan
8. Planet of the Apes
9. Children of Men
10. Gattaca

Then, in 'impossible to rank' order: The Road Warrior, The Terminator 2, District 9, Looper, Flash Gordon, Minority Report, A Clockwork Orange, The Matrix, Primer, Aliens."

Great list, Kevin!  

And readers: don't forget to send me your list

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