Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: Lidsville: "Take Me to Your Rabbit."

As Mark (Butch Patrick) attempts to build and launch a rocket to escape Lidsville once and for all, Hoo-Doo (Charles Nelson Reilly) and Raunchy Rabbit are in an accident -- a lightning strike – that scrambles Hoo Doo’s “zap” powers.

Now Raunchy Rabbit gets that power, and the incompetent bunny lets the power go to his head. Desperate to regain his powers, Hoo-Doo tries to steal back his powers by pretending to be a lovely female bunny…

Meanwhile, Mark and Weenie, realizing that Raunchy Rabbit is not as evil as Hoo-Doo is, decides to through the lepus an inauguration party to get on his good side…

Okay. Where to start?

This is one weird episode of the 1970’s Sid and Marty Krofft series, Lidsville.  

No more than a “sap without a zap,” Hoo-Doo loses everything, and most regain his position of power. He uses a tried-and-true technique (for Bugs Bunny, anyway…) dressing up like a female rabbit and attempting to draw Raunchy Rabbit’s attention.

The last portion of the episode involves Hoo-Doo in drag, flirting (successfully) with a clearly stimulated Raunchy Rabbit. It’s all a little creepy and perverse.

Once again, too, Mark makes an attempt to leave Lidsville only to be stymied. He builds a rocket to escape the world, but when Hoo-Doo gets his mojo back, the villain blows it up.  So first of all, Mark apparently has the know-how to build a rocket, and all the equipment and supplies necessary.  

Secondly, why doesn’t he try, after this adventure is over, to build a second one?

Intriguingly, politics are still a factor in the “underneath” social commentary of this live-action series.  Consider that the denizens of Lidsville take a look at their choices for “leader:” Hoo-Doo or Raunchy, and decide to get behind Raunchy.  

What have they done here?

Well, in the time-honored tradition of many U.S. Presidential elections, they have selected the lesser of two evils!

Next Week: “Have I Got a Girl for Hoo-Doo

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