Friday, February 29, 2008

The House Between 2.5: "Populated"

In the fifth episode of the second season, "Populated" the temperature rises when Bill (Tony Mercer) finds Travis (Lee Hansen) reading his diary. Before long, tempers flare and something strange occurs: a gaggle of new, strangely inhuman denizens arrive in the house. As the temperature rises to 118 degrees in the house and Astrid (Kim Breeding) and Theresa (Alicia A Wood) struggle to determine the cause, one of the strangers has a message for Arlo (Jim Blanton). Also starring Craig Eckrich as Sgt. Brick and special guest stars Craig T. Adams and Bobby Schweizer. Written by Bobby Schweizer. Directed by John Kenneth Muir. Produced for the Lulu Show LLC by Joseph Maddrey.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Thoughtful adult science fiction at its finest. Awesome! I like that the heros are not all "good" and that sometimes do the wrong thing or not the noble thing. I like how your immigrants are ethnicaly different (that they dont have great command of English and are clearly difrent from the others in bheavior and background). And I like how fear gets the better of Breck and Bill.

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    the best episode of Star Trek in forty years. SIGH

  3. Anonymous 1: Thanks!

    Anonymous 2: Thanks, I think...



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