Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Barry Morse: To Everything That Was...

I just learned that actor and gentleman Barry Morse passed away this weekend. The breadth of Morse's multi-decade career on stage, screen and TV speaks to his giant talent. As you may know, Morse played the original "dogged" pursuer on The Fugitive (1964-1968), Lt. Gerard. And, of course, he memorably portrayed Professor Victor Bergman, oracle of Moonbase Alpha on the first year of Space:1999 (1975). It is in that iconic role that I first encountered Mr. Morse and his work; and even now I marvel at the humanity, gentleness and intelligence he brought to that futuristic and sometimes austere (but beloved...) series.

I had the good fortune to share time with Mr. Morse at two Space:1999 conventions at the turn of the century, and on both occasions I admired his wit, charm and good nature. He was unfailingly honest with fans about his opinion of the series, and didn't just tell people what they wanted to hear. Yet he always delivered his verdicts with charm, humor and courage. In a word, he was...amazing.

Upon hearing this sad news, I couldn't help but to remember that great moment in "Black Sun" when Victor and John Koenig - staring at the precipice of the eternal abyss - share a last toast on the steps of Main Mission; just two friends facing mortality. "To everything that might have been..." says Koenig, raising his glass.

"To everything that was," replies Victor.


Let's toast Barry Morse -- a man who lived life well, and who brought joy to millions across the globe. His performances will live on, and like Moonbase Alpha's sojourn, his odyssey "shall know no end..."

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  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Another giant has been lost in a world of tiny men.


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