Friday, February 15, 2008

The House Between 2.4: "Estranged"

In the fourth episode of the second season of THE HOUSE BETWEEN (the conclusion to "Reunited,"), Dr. Sam Clark's misbegotten plan to capture an Outdweller has left the denizens separated, terrified and under siege. Astrid (Kim Breeding) and Theresa (Alicia A. Wood) are trapped upstairs. Travis (Lee Hansen) and Arlo (Jim Blanton) are locked in the sun-room with advancing outdwellers. And Bill (Tony Mercer), Brick (Craig Eckrich) and Sam face the prospect of combat in the foyer. While tempers rage, Astrid and Theresa attempt to solve the riddle of the group's collective amnesia. Produced by Joseph Maddrey for the Lulu Show LLC. Written and directed by: John Kenneth Muir.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    awesome. loved it, loved it!

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Intense, Mr Muir. Outdweller-life spilling action, teleportation, and one hell of a boo scare. Also, as Sam, you put on quite a convincing "Oh shit" face. And Craig Eckrich seamlessly conveys the transformation of Sgt. Brick into a series regular. I marveled at the materializing columns of outdwellers. The Dalek could, in later incarnations, climb stairs, but ceilings? I don't think so. There, the outdwellers have them beat.


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