Thursday, February 21, 2008

The House Between: "The Story So Far"

Tomorrow in this space, we're taking a one-week breather on new Season Two episodes of The House Between to broadcast instead a 15 minute primer for the sci-fi series entitled "The Story So Far."

As you may know, our independent web series has been garnering a great deal more attention this year than it did last, and picking up a number of new fans in the process. So, in hopes of continuing to broaden the show's appeal to those who may not necessarily want to go back and watch ten early episodes or so, "The Story So Far" introduces in broad terms the premise, the characters, some important concepts in the series, and basically brings viewers up to date on what's occurred so far in Season Two.

Next week, "Populated" - the fifth episode of The House Between's second season - airs in its regularly scheduled time/place! It's hard for me to believe we're already half-way through the season...

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