Friday, February 08, 2008

The House Between 2.3: "Reunited"

In "Reunited," the third episode of The House Between's second season, a pair of dangerous visitors (John Muir, Craig Eckrich) arrive in the house at the end of the universe with a a military strategy that jeopardizes the other denizens (Kim Breeding, Jim Blanton, Lee Hansen, Tony Mercer, Alicia A. Wood.) Written by John Kenneth Muir. Directed by Rick Coulter. Produced for the Lulu Show LLC by Joseph Maddrey.

"Reunited" (The House Between 2.3)


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Holy crap, is right. Mr. Muir, you have outdone yourself, not only by creating, but by embodying the arrogance of the Bush Doctrine, in Sam. George lives in George's shadow, Sam lives in Bill's. Odious, yet funny in smarmy sort of way, Sam is the most deliriously destructive force the House has seen yet. And Sgt. Breck is the obedient blankness in the eyes of those who torture. In the words of Dr. Peter Venkman, "Whooa, somebody's comin'". And I have to admit, when Theresa tells Astrid to clear her mind, I had a brief flash of a certain look of horrified recognition on one Raymond Stantz's face. Nicely done.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    In reference to Scene 7: the waveform collapse debate between Bill and Sam.

    What the Hell happened to the 180 rule??!! Fire the director!!!


  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I liked this episode as much as last weeks. Where as "Separated" had sociological underpinings, this episode had political undercurrents. I prefer the former, but this one moved faster. Its kind of amazing how versatile the show is that it can do alll these different storys.


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