Thursday, September 07, 2017

Star Trek Anniversary Top #20: David Bobzien's List

[Friend and writer David Bobzien contributed the following list]

Hi John,

Taking your challenge I found there are so many contenders, particularly from the first season which I singled out the series finest year.   

What surprised me is that the second season fared marginally better than the less celebrated and, as I see it, underrated third year on my list.   

Upon reflection the latter portion of the second season indulged in an excess of Earth parallel storylines, none of which were as memorable as first season's Miri.  Regardless of this brief shortcoming Star Trek is populated with many noteworthy episodes and here is my list of the 20 best:  

1.  Balance of Terror

2.  The Naked Time

3.  The City on the Edge of Forever

4.  The Menagerie pt.2

5.  The Menagerie pt.1

6.  Journey to Babel

7.  The Doomsday Machine

8.  Amok Time

9.  Where No Man Has Gone Before

10. Mirror, Mirror

11. Dagger of the Mind

12. Miri

13. The Corbomite Manuever

14. Metamorphosis

15. All Our Yesterdays

16. The Trouble with Tribbles

17. The Enterprise Incident

18. Spectre of the Gun

19. The Tholian Web

20. The Cloud Minders

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