Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Morning Cult-TV Blogging: The Ghost Busters: "The Vampire's Apprentice" (November 8, 1975)

In this episode, “The Vampire’s Apprentice,” the Ghost Buster triumvirate -- Spenser (Larry Storch), Tracy (Bob Burns) and Kong (Forrest Tucker) -- challenges Countess Dracula (Dena Dietrich) and Count Dracula (Billy Holmes).  

In this case, Dracula is portrayed as a senile old bat.  At one point in the episode, his fangs even get corked. Also, his sonar-like hearing is apparently really bad.  And when he goes to bed in his coffin, Dracula can't go to sleep because he's "afraid of the light," and needs to be told a story.

This evil duo masquerades as the Count and Countess of Luxembourg, but the Ghost Busters see through the façade, and confront them at their castle, which -- as always -- is conveniently located next to a creepy (cardboard) grave yard.

The humor in this episode of The Ghost Busters, also as in all episodes, feels as antique as Old Dracula himself.

This story labors on the obvious, like “stake (as in wooden…) vs. “steak” (as in to eat) misunderstandings.  At one point, the Countess of Dracula (Dena Deitrich) quips “be subtle.” Unfortunately, that’s advice the episode and the series never take.

One of the story oddities featured in this episode:

One bite by a vampire makes you undead. A second bite, however, returns you to a human state.  

That’s confusing, even to vampires, no?  Now let me see, did I bite you three times or four?

Next week: "Jekyll and Hyde: Together For the First Time."

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