Sunday, April 02, 2017

Advert Artwork: Voltron (Matchbox Edition)

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    Believe it or not, I still have the Miniature Voltron I, that little guy right in the middle, in the original packaging, which I picked up at a local Toys R Us.
    I got addicted to Voltron when I was sick with a really bad flu. The station where I grew up would show the Vehicle Team episodes at 7:30am, and the Lion Team episodes at 3:30pm. For some reason, my body would awaken for both; the rest of the time I was asleep. The Vehicle Team appealed more to me because it had a continuing story, so that was the toy I chose.
    Due to the show's popularity, when it came out on dvd years later from Media Blasters, not only was the series released in both iterations (Lion Force and Vehicle Team), but the original Japanese episodes were also released with subtitles! It turned out that the Lion Force had an interesting story as well, but was cut down to the bare bones minimum for the kids market in America! Who knew?
    The "Gladiator Voltron" shown on the left side of the photo was originally supposed to be the third version of Voltron, but due to the popularity of the Lion Force episodes, and the unpopularity of the Vehicle Team, it was decided to commission new episodes of the Lion Team, so the Gladiator Voltron was left in the dust bin of history.
    However, the internet never forgets. Gladiator Voltron was supposed to be derived from a Japanese anime called Albegas. There have long been rumors that a pilot episode, given the same treatment as the other two Voltron series, was made, but it has never surfaced, unfortunately.
    However, someone created their own version, and although the video quality is negligible, it is still neat to look at what might have been.