Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Superman Week: Superman Playset (Ideal; 1973)

In 1973, Ideal Toy Company released several small play-sets, including one for Marvel's Spider-Man, and for the Man of Steel, Supes himself.

This "sensational" Superman play-case is made of sturdy vinyl and folds out to reveal three backdrops  inside.  

These are: The Daily Planet, the Fortress of Solitude, and the "Villain's Hideout."  

The (two-dimensional) "figures" who populate this Ideal Playset are small cut-out (or rather punch-out...) cardboard characters requiring stands.  

There are likenesses here of Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Supergirl Krypto, and villains such as Mr. Myxlplix, Lex Luthor and Brainiac.  

I had one of these as a kid but haven't seen one in years (except on the Net.)

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  1. I vividly recall asking (well, begging..) my Mom for the Spiderman playset we saw in a Kmart back in 1973.. ($3.99 or something was on the price sticker..).

    Only a few years back did I finally buy the Spidey one, still wrapped in cello, for just over $100. It was a pretty swell deal for eBay.

    Worth EVERY penny, I even had a special clear plastic display case made for it. It's so beautiful.

    If given the chance, throw another $50 or so in if you find a still-wrapped playset. It's SO worth it.