Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Collectible of the Week: Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain (Mattel)

In 1985, Mattel produced the "bad guys" toy headquarters for the Masters of the Universe collection.  

On planet Eternia, He-Man had Castle Grayskull, and Skeletor had...Snake Mountain.   Like the popular Castle Grayskull, this playset is also a carrying case that folds out to reveal two interior chambers.

In this case, Snake Mountain is a lot more...evil, than its counterpart. Inside, there's a pit with a net, where captives can be held.  It is reached via a trap door right behind a gate at the mountain's summit.

There's also the toy's main draw: an "echo microphone" that allows kids to alter their voices and sound incredibly evil in the process.  

The front of Snake Mountain features a monstrous or demonic face, with beady eyes, and a jaw that opens and shuts.  There's also a bridge that can fall apart, for treacherous journeys to the apex.

I was too old for the Masters of the Universe toys, as I wrote in my post for Castle Grayskull, but I always gazed at Snake Mountain, Castle Grayskull and the action figures with envy.  

Now, since I have a six year old boy, I finally get to play with these toys.  I recently bought A Snake Mountain on E-Bay that is in really good shape, and which Joel is saving to play with for our beach week in August.  I can't wait.  I already tested the echo microphone and the bloody thing still works after nearly thirty years...

Below, the original toy commercial for Skeletor's evil HQ:


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