Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cult-TV Faces of: Automobiles

Not Identified: The Twilight Zone: "The Hitch-hiker."

Identified by Pierre: The Munsters.

Identified by Dave Colohan: My Mother The Car.

Identified by Pierre: Lady Penelope's FAB-1 on Thunderbirds.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The Batmobile.

Identified by Pierre: Star trek: "A Piece of the Action."

Identified by Pierre: The Green Hornet's Black Beauty.

Identified by Dave Colohan: Number Six's Lotus-7 on The Prisoner.

Identified by Dave Colohan: Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine on Wacky Races.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The Mach 5 on Speed Racer.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The Mystery Machine on Scooby Doo.

Identified by Dave Colohan: Straker's Car on UFO.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The Third Doctor's Bessie (on Doctor Who).

Identified by Pierre: Wonderbug.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The General Lee on The Dukes of Hazzard.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The A-Team.

Identified by Dave Colohan: KITT from Knight Rider.

Identified by Dave Colohan: Automan.

Identified by Dave Colohan: The Ecto-1 on The Real Ghostbusters.

Identified by Jaime Nelson: Mr. Bean's Mini.

Identified by Randal Graves: Millennium.

Not Identified: Star Trek Voyager:  "The 37s."

Identified by David Colohan: Supernatural.


  1. Dave Colohan6:48 AM

    Hey John,
    Not sure of what the cars are all called but here goes...

    3. My Mother The Car
    5. Batmobile
    6. City On The Edge Of Forever
    8. Lotus 7 from The Prisoner
    9. The Mean Machine from Wacky Races
    10. Speed Racer
    11. The Mystery Machine
    12. UFO
    13. Bessie from Doctor Who
    15. Dukes of Hazzard
    16. The A-Team
    17. Knight Rider
    18. Automan
    19. The Real Ghostbusters
    23. Supernatural


    1. Hi Dave,

      Fantastic!! You did an amazing job on these cult-tv automobile identifications. The only one that was wrong was #6!


  2. I'll try and fill in the blanks where I can:
    2. The Munsters
    4. FAB1 from The Thunderbirds
    6. Star Trek: A Piece Of The Action
    7. The Black Beauty from The Green Hornet
    14. Wonderbug

    1. Hi Pierre,

      Great job knocking five more identifications off the list. Well done!

      The only outstanding ones are #1, #20, #21, and #22.

  3. 21. Millennium, Nostalgia.

  4. #20 looks like Mr. Bean's car.

  5. tonywilson11:46 AM

    Is 22 Silence of the Lambs?

  6. Hi everyone, great ids!

    Randal: Yep, #21 is from Millennium, "Nostalgia." Frank Black's ride!

    Jaime: Awesome! That is Mr. Bean's Mini, indeed! Well done!

    And Tony, number 22 is not from Silence of the Lambs (remember the category - cult tv -) but I totally can see why you thought that! :)


  7. 22 Jonathan Kent's truck from Smallville.

    1. Hi Howard!

      Brilliant guess, but in this case, incorrect. The pick-up truck pictured in #22 is from Star Trek Voyager, and the episode called "The 37s." It sure as heck does look like Jonathan Kent's truck, however...



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