Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cult-TV Gallery: Ray Walston

In My Favorite Martian

In Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: "Cosmic Whiz Kid."

In The Incredible Hulk: "My Favorite Magician."

In Friday the 13th: The Series: "Tales of the Undead."

In Picket Fences.

With Kate Mulgrew in Star Trek: Voyager.


  1. Okay, not exactly a traditional cult flick, but mention must be made of his turn as Mr. Hand.

  2. Don't forget, Ray Walston did a wonderful Glen Bateman in Stephen King's THE STAND TV-miniseries. Great actor.

  3. Dave Colohan7:04 AM

    I agree with le0pard13. Enjoyed his turn in the Otherworld pilot too.