Saturday, October 15, 2005

Six Months on the Blogosphere

This Monday marks my six-month anniversary on the blogosphere, posting my various and sundry "reflections" on film/tv. Even after half-a-year and multiple posts, I'm still getting the hang of blogging. I notice that many other blog posts are fairly short. Mine aren't. I guess it comes from my history with writing books (sometimes very lengthy books...). I find it difficult keeping things short and sweet, but I'm working on it. My books aim to be scholarly, but I know to keep up on the 'Net I must be snappier. I'm working on that, so bear with me.

Where we have we been so far? Well, 124 posts in six months, and about a dozen-or-so each of my most popular features - which based on e-mail and comments - I would say are my Thursday entries (Retro-Toy Flashbacks) and Friday entries (Cult TV flashbacks). The new TV season has given me a lot of fodder lately, with reviews of this year's genre programming.

So where do we go from here? Well, I'll be continuing Thursday Retro-Toy Memories and Friday Cult TV Flashbacks. I'll also be blogging current TV shows, and I plan to expand my CULT TV blogging episode-by-episode entries. I'll be finished with Push, Nevada before long, and then I intend to move along to blogging the original Kolchak: The Night Stalker and American Gothic. If there are any short-lived (like one season...) TV series that you' feel haven't gotten the attention they deserved, and you'd like me to blog 'em, put in a request. I'm open to anything, as long as I can get my hands on the episodes.

The new season of genre television has kind of limited my focus on movies for the time being, which is something I intend to rectify. I'm off to see History of Violence later today and a review will be up Tuesday. Also, I would like to do some cult movie blogging (first up: William Girdler's blaxploitation version of The Exorcist: Abby). I would also very much like to continue featuring book reviews and interviews with authors/filmmakers. I feel so fortunate that I've been successful in my career and that things are stable for my family, and I want to share the wealth. I want to draw attention to other talents who deserve recognition. So if I can swing it, you'll see more of that.

Also upcoming, I plan to watch all the Star Wars movies in order (Ep 1 - Ep 6) and blog the whole bloomin' movie series here. I'm excited about this, because this will be the first time (after the release of Revenge of the Sith on DVD in November...) that I'll be able to see the story in the sequence Lucas intended. I'm assuming that my understanding and perception of Star Wars will be transformed in this process. My take is this: I'm starting with Phantom Menace and pretending never to have seen the story before. I'm going in like this is the first episode of a saga, and I'm putting all prejudice aside and taking nothing for granted. We'll see if I can manage it. Starting in November (around Thanksgiving), I'll ask that you join me on this quest, so we take this ride through the Star Wars saga together. I'd like to see some other blogs and comments on this too, so after Sith's release to the DVD venue, look for the Star Wars blog here...

What would you like to see in this space? Have a favorite and overlooked production you'd like me to blog? Let me know, and I'm on it! Just don't make it too hard for me. Don't ask me to blog nine seasons of Charmed or something else that would kill me, please. The Power of Three just won't set me free.

Hope you'll hang around for the next six months.


  1. Suggestions:
    Dead Like Me
    She-Wolf Of London

    Two of my all-time favorite shows; unfortunately, neither lasted for more than two seasons.


    P.S. Do you intend to follow Showtime's Masters Of Horror anthology series?

  2. Oh, and the Hulk-inspired Werewolf the series with Chuck Connors as the evil werewolf.

  3. Hey Eric -

    You know, I think we're on the same wavelength here. I'm a fan of both Werewolf and She-Wolf of London, so those are two good, relatively short series to blog. And I still have some episodes of Werewolf around here somewhere from when I wrote Terror Television and had to cover it. Great suggestions! Count on Werewolf definitely, and I may do a "flashback" on She Wolf and my favorite episode ("The Juggler"). I'm not sure how to see the other She-Wolfs these days because the Sci-Fi Channel doesn't rerun the show anymore...

  4. I'd love to read about the second season of Twin Peaks - many people say the show blew chunks after Laura's murderer was revealed, but I remember loving the show.

  5. Hey Jason -

    You know, (and I'm such a friggin' contrarian...) I always thought that the second season of Twin Peaks was pretty darn terrific. It involved "The Black Lodge" as I recall, and was very scary. I would love to do a Twin Peaks retrospective.

    I have been waiting literally YEARS for someone to release the complete series. I have no idea why it isn't available on DVD pilot - thru climactic episode. I know Season One is available, but without the two hour pilot; and no season two.

    But I definitely want to re-visit Twin Peaks. I wrote about it in Terror TV too, but that's five-six years back...

  6. twin peaks is a must, and i'm sad that it was cut off after the peaks mania of the laura palmer mystery died out. the lodge episodes are quite amazing, and i think agent cooper as bob was a quite terrifying cliffhanger. on the bright side, fire walk with me unites the series quite poetically and has stood up to the test of time as a minor masterpiece after being a huge flop and universally reviled upon it's release.
    i'd like to see what you have to say about get a life. yes, i know its not strictly genre fare and i'm indulging my absurdo sitcom jones here, but it often had fantastic and sci fi plotlines for single episodes and constantly parodied genre classics otherwise. favorite sci fi oriented episode: 1977 2000, penned by charlie kaufman, in which the hero, chris elliot, keeps travelling back to 1977 only to end up in a series of bizarre alternate timelines. this short lived show was a big influence on the simpsons circa seasons 3-5 and lent south park the gimmick of a perpetually dying main character, as well as giving breaks to groundbreaking writers like kaufman and bob oedenkirk.

  7. I LIKE your long blog entries. Who says all blog writing must be in short snippets as if they were CNN Headline news highlights? Write away!

  8. Hey Linda, I appreciate your comment. Thanks for the vote of confidence on blog "length." I might try to be short and sweet, but it seems I just can't stop writing... :)

    And George - my wife is a huge Get a Life fan. We watched it when it orginally aired and quite enjoyed it. Anyone know where tapes or available? (Or is it already out on DVD and I'm just hopelessly out of the loop?) That's one I wouldn't mind re-visiting, and I'm not opposed to going outside the genre. Push, Nevada is a noir, not exactly horror/sci-fi.

  9. you can find get a life tapes through the usual bootleg avenues without too much fuss. rhino has put out 8 episodes on video and dvd. chris elliot has hinted that there may be a full series release in the works, but its a legal tangle at the moment.

  10. I have the second season of Twin Peaks on video sitting in my garage somewhere. One day I hope to dub them onto DVD. Anyone know an easy way to do that?


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