Sunday, February 12, 2017

Robots of: The 1960s (A Gallery)

The great decade of the Space Age -- the 1960's -- is also the great age of TV robots, in particular.

This epoch brought us multiple "guest appearances" by Robby the Robot on The Twilight Zone (1959-1963), and introduced us to many more mechanical friends, including the Jetsons' maid, Rosie, and the "bubble headed booby" from Lost in Space (1965-1968).

Identified by Hugh: The Twilight Zone

Identified by Hugh: The Jetsons

Identified by Hugh: Fireball XL5

Identified by Hugh: The Twilight Zone.

Identified by Hugh: The Outer Limits

Identified by Hugh: Lost in Space.

Identified by Hugh: Doctor Who.

Identified by Hugh: Frankenstein Jr.

Identified by Hugh: Doctor Who.

Identified by Hugh: Star Trek

Identified by SGB: King Kong Escapes

Identified by Hugh: Star Trek



  1. 1. Twilight Zone (I Sing the Body Electric)
    2. The Jetsons
    3. Fireball XL-5
    4. Twilight Zone (reusing Robby the Robot)
    5. Outer Limits
    6. Lost in Space (another Robby the Robot reuse)
    7. Doctor Who (Mechanoids)
    8. Frankenstein, Jr.
    9. Doctor Who (the Quarks)
    10. Star Trek (Nomad)
    12. Star Trek (Requiem for Methuselah)

  2. Hi John,

    1 Twilight Zone "I Sing The Body Electric" - Grandma
    2 The Jetsons - Rosey & Mack
    3 Fireball XL5 - Robert the robot
    4 Twilight Zone “Uncle Simon” - Robby
    5 Outer Limits "I, Robot"
    6 Lost In Space "War Of The Robots" - Robby

    8 Frankenstein Jr.
    9 Doctor Who - The Quarks
    10 Star Trek "The Changeling" - Nomad
    11 King Kong Escapes - Mechani-Kong
    12 Star Trek "Requiem for Methuselah"
    13 Johnny Sokko - Giant Robot