Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Note About Comments on the Blog

Just a public service announcement about comments here on the blog:

I am only publishing negative comments on the blog, at this point, that have a name attached to them, or Anonymous ones that are signed at the bottom of the comment with what appears to be a legitimate name.


I put my name behind every post I write here. 

You know exactly who to criticize, and where to find me. I even post my e-mail address for all the world to see on my Ask JKM posts. So I must stand behind every word I write. I take that responsibility seriously.

So if you have a  negative comment about something I have written -- great, I need constructive criticism!-- I will happily post it, but I ask that you attach your name to it, in a sign of good will, and fairness.  This policy helps me know and understand that you are serious and stand behind what you write too. All I ask is for the same level of responsibility I demand of myself. 

I hope this policy diminishes drive-by commenters who simply hurl insults, and then disappear forever.  I also believe this policy keeps the commentary at a civil, and generally respectable level.  

Again, I cherish constructive feedback or differing opinions. 

But I don't have any time for anonymous comments that shout at me, or say negative things, with no sense of responsibility behind them.

So if you have something negative to say about a production, or my writing, show some responsibility and attach your name to that commentary.  That's all I ask.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. John is always fair even if you do not agree with him.


  2. It is ironic that accidentally deleted two comments that were positive, regarding comments on the blog! Sorry!

    But James J. Caterino wrote: "Good policy to have. If you have something to say, but are too afraid to put your name behind it, then don't say it.

    One of the things I despise about the internet is posting/attacking under fake/anonymous names. It is such an act of weak, pitiful, cowardice."

    James, I agree with you! If you feel strongly enough to write a comment that is negative, you should have the courage to stand behind it wit your name!

    An Henry wrote: "Hear! Hear!"

    Thanks, Henry, for the support!

    Hopefully I won't accidentally delete any more comments!

  3. Completely agree with your approach on this. Disagreement stimulates discussion and sometimes it helps us see something from a new point of view. But insults and fun stuff like "You're wrong and you're a ____." don't do much for anyone. And if they don't bother to sign it, I wouldn't bother to post it either.

    1. Thank you, Roman. That is very much my feeling as well. I think disagreement can bring clarity, and new readings of film, TV, etc. But the other stuff just makes the Internet meaner, and I won't pass it through. Unless there's a name associated with the comment. Then at least people are standing behind what they write.

  4. Makes sense. I enjoy blogs like this where it's more likely to have a discussion in the comments. "Drive by commenters," as you put it, are not only uninterested in discussion, they make it harder for everyone else to even sort through.

  5. John,

    Your blog is a great place to offer and receive commentary and opinion on genre topics and entertainment.

    Personally, it's no different for me than coming into someone's home. That may seem an exaggeration, but I've learned that if one doesn't have something constructive or positive to contribute, they should keep it to themselves. Bad energy out, bad energy in.

    You have a nice place here, John, and you've made me feel welcome, even when I voice disagreement with a review or column. I appreciate that, and this is why I am not afraid to put my name after every comment.