Sunday, May 10, 2015

At Flashbak: Set Phasers to Stun - The Toy Space Guns of the 1970s

My latest article at Flashbak looks at toy guns from the disco decade, all of the space adventure variety.

"If most kids today are like my eight year-old son, they generally don’t play today with -- or have much interest in -- toy guns.  Minecraft and its pick axes and diamond swords just do fine by him. 

Perhaps my generation -- X -- was the transition point away from six shooters, the Lone Ranger, and cowboys and Indians, because we still played with toy weapons, but with a difference. 

In the 1970s, those toy guns were lasers, and could be set to stun, thus reducing the mortality rate of our make-believe enemies, I suppose.

Here are my selections for the most awesome space guns of the disco decade and my mis-spent but happy youth playing with them..." (Continued at Flashbak).

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