Robots of: the 1950s (A Gallery)

The robots of the 1950s  cinema were generally imposing, huge, terrifying, and of humanoid build.  If you encountered these metal men, you knew to be scared, or at least intimidated.  Robby was a happy exception.

Identified by Hugh: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Identified by Hugh: Robot Monster.

Identified by SGB: Devil Girl of Mars.
Identified by Ponch: Tobor the Great.

Identified by Ponch: Gigantor

Identified by Ponch; Target Earth.

Identified by Hugh: Forbidden Planet.

Identified by Hugh: Kronos.

Identified by SGB: The Mysterians.

Identified by Hugh: Colossus of New York.


  1. 1. The Day the Earth Stood Still (Gort)
    2. Robot Monster
    7. Forbidden Planet (Robby the Robot)
    8. Kronos
    10. Colossus of New York

  2. 4) Tobor the Great
    5) Gigantor
    6) Target Earth

  3. Hi John,

    #3 Devil Girl From Mars (1954) Johnny
    #9 The Mysterians (1957) Moguera



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