At Flashbak: Vincent Price for The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit

This week, in anticipation of Halloween’s approach, I remembered a “horrific” collectible of the mid-1970s: The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit.

“In 1975, Whiting (a Milton Bradley Company) released The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit, and had the good sense to have horror icon Vincent Price advertise it. 

Price appeared on the box art, and offered a testimonial of sorts for the product too.

“Create your own collection of delightful shrunken heads,” Mr. Price urged.

With this kit -- which “attaches to any standard table lamp” -- any macabre-minded minor could “turn apples into shrunken heads.

Apples were not actually included with this craft, but the kits came with enough material to decorate six heads. 

Basically, you had to bake the apple in the device and thereby shrink them.  “Before you know it,” the promotions promised, “you’ll have shrunken heads hanging from your belt. Or your neck.”

The kit came not only with the heating cone (Termed a “shrinker”), but with beads and hair for decoration.  That just left the carving of the apple face to contemplate and complete…”

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