Monday, January 04, 2016

JKM's Home Office: 2016 Re-Boot (or Re-Imagination?)

Longtime readers of this blog know that, every January, I re-organize my home office.  It's a New Year activity or task that has become an annual routine since we moved into this house in 2009.

This year, I really re-imagined my office. 

With new kittens in the house, it became a necessity (especially for my wife, Kathryn) that I get my priciest collectibles up off the floor.  

Alas, that was no easy task, so I came up with a new vision of my office -- including a coffee table, a new display center, and a sofa -- that would help meet that requirement.  I mostly succeeded (except for the Ghostbusters Firehouse and a few other boxed items in the corners and around my desk....).

So without further fanfare, here is my work space as it exists now, in early 2016.  I think I like this configuration best of all (so far). 

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Kittens get into matter what! Send that Mego ST play set to me for safe keeping......

  2. John your 2016 home office reboot/re-imagination is awesome looking and very organized, well done. Your two cats look right at home. It will continue to be a good work environment for your writing. Surrounded by all your science-fiction collectibles that we all grew up with [I have about a quarter of what you have there.], it should stimulate your creative thoughts. It makes me think about the opening credits of the late '80s series Ray Bradbury Theater when he would sit in his office filled with items that he loved to fire up his imagination. 2016 shall be a good year for you and your writing.


  3. Absolutely spectacular - and inspiring. Time to rethink my shelving system...

  4. woodchuckgod10:26 AM

    Now -that- is an awesome office space. Nice looking cats, too!

  5. That's a terrific, fun room. That is a great configuration. Where do you find the time?
    Thanks for sharing. HNY John.

  6. Hey, I have a few of those collectables, including Sub Search! Sadly, my office is far smaller and far less tidy...

    And I really need to get my Eagle poster from BreakawayCon framed like yours...

  7. I like seeing that Kent State University diploma! Office looks great!!

  8. I am totally buzzing just from looking at the pics of your den of four color crack delight. What a sweet collection! My favorites are the Planet of the Apes figure, Space 1999 stuff, and the Buck Rogers adventure set.

    Beautiful cat! I had a gray tabby that looked just that.


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