Sunday, January 31, 2016

At Flashbak: Remembering Mego's 2-XL

My second Flashbak this past week remembered Mego’s 2-XL, a toy from the 1970s that had a great run, and was even revived in the 1990s.

“In 1978, Mego introduced a small, toy robot that could play 8 -rack tapes: the amazing “2-XL,” described in promotional materials as “the robot with a personality.”

2-XL was a small plastic robot that could speak, and would, according to Mego, “tell jokes, “ask you True-False Questions,” “Tell you if you’re right or wrong,” “give you the correct answer,” give you more information on many different subjects,” and “play games with you and your friends.” 

Okay, so 2-XL isn’t exactly Siri, but this toy robot could play “standard 8 track cartridges” too. The result?  According to TV commercials: “Teenagers love him! Adults can’t resist him!”

Indeed, 2-XL wasn’t just a fun buddy for children in the late seventies, he also considered an educational toy because parents could purchase as accessories a variety of 8 track tapes on various subjects.  There was one cartridge about the Metric System, another concerning Astronomy, and yet another reporting about the Animal World…”

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  1. I LOVED this guy! He was a glorified 8-Track Tape player, but doggone it, he was MY glorified 8-Track Tape player! I can still hear his sped up, high pitched laugh to this day!


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