Monday, August 05, 2013

Television and Cinema Verities #80

"I did have a great sci-fi moment soon after we finished the series on the bridge of the Enterprise in the first season on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was visiting Brent Spiner (who had starred with me inThe Three Musketeers on Broadway). Brent had been asked what influenced him as he prepared to play Data, and he had answered 'Chuck Wagner as Automan'.

- Automan star Chuck Wagner recalls his time as a hologram, to Starburst Magazine's Robin Pierce (October 2012).


  1. Automan star Chuck Wagner is considered a classic ?

  2. Anonymous4:03 AM

    This may end up being the very last show to ever get transferred to DVD. Either this or Something Is Out There, sadly.

    I managed to see the pilot a couple years ago, and yikes, the acting was incredibly bad. I mean really bad. And it's blatantly obvious where they got the visual look from. Still, If the set sold for about $10, I might just pick it up on a bargain rack, just for some fun.