Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Collectible of the Week: Dune Spice Scout (LJN; 1984)

Although the bizarre, intriguing (but ultimately worthwhile) David Lynch adaptation of Dune (1984) doesn't exactly seem fodder for kids toys, the company LJN released a whole line of fun merchandise based on the colorful film.

In addition to six poseable action figures, LJN produced this extraordinary, large scale vehicle, the Spice Scout.  The box describes the Spice Scout as a "giant desert vehicle with swivel steering and action command cockpit."

The box also describes the Dune scenario (which might be necessary for younger kids, who couldn't follow all the details): 

"The spice scout roams the desert stand on the planet called "Dune."  It is used in mining the powerful spice, hunting giant sandworms, and fighting evil enemy forces."

The Spice Scout is scaled to the action figures (Paul, Feyd, Rabban, Sardaukar, The Baron and Stilgar) so you can "place any Dune figure (not included) inside and push the scout into action. When danger strikes, lower the battle shield."

You could also "raise the command cockpit and swing the hidden weapons into position," all while making use of the"giant sand gripping rear wheel."

Personally, I love the designs, costumes and worlds of David Lynch's Dune, and treasure the LJN spice scout, in addition to the well-made action figures, of which I still own two (Stilgar and Feyd). The figures are larger than the average 3 3/4 action figures of the Star Wars Kenner era, and so this vehicle is practically gigantic.  I wish I had collected all the Dune toys available back in the day, including the giant sandworm figure...


  1. ... again... HOLY....!!! I had no idea there were "Dune" action figures! How did I miss out on this when I was a kid. I loved the movie, and would have loved one of these. The Spice Scout looks pretty darn cool. And the Sardaukar warrior figure looks awesome. Thanks for posting this little trip down "I wish I knew that toy existed" lane. :)

  2. I went to someones house and they had the toy. It was still in the box. I asked if i could have it and they said "yes". So i have a Spice scout. A couple pieces are broken and the box is alittle warn but it still is a great find.