Friday, May 31, 2013

Reader Top Ten Science Fiction Films: Bruce Nims

Reader Bruce Nims contributes a final top ten list for today.  Lists resume tomorrow!

He writes:

"As a caveat, I don't get into boxing a movie into a "sci-fi" category instead of some other genre as I think some of the best movies out there easily cross multiple genres.  (For example, I think you can just as easily argue that Blade Runner is a Film Noir instead of a "sci-fi" movie).

In no particular order, but if there is an overriding theme in my list it is that I feel that each of these movies have been incredibly influential on movies and popular culture (so much so that I think their impact is self-evident):

1)  Alien

2)  Outland

3)  Forbidden Planet

4)  Blade Runner

5)  Star Wars

6)  2001 A Space Odyssey

7)  Close Encounters of the Third Kind

8)  The Matrix
9)  The Thing
10)  The Terminator

Bruce, I am thrilled to see that Outland (1981) made your list.  I am a big fan of that movie, and think it is time to watch it and review it again for the blog.  I feel it was always unfairly dismissed with the "space western" label, when in fact some of the production design is exquisite, and the ideas about corporations very timely.

Well done!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Agree, OUTLAND is a great science-fiction film and a welcome addition to the list. I should have included it on my list. :)



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