Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collectible of the Week: The Bionic Woman Sports Car (Kenner; 1977)

In the mid-1970s, Kenner produced an expansive and gorgeous line of action figures and play sets in the bionic universe of Colonel Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner).  I collected these toys with fervor as a kid, though don’t have many left in 2013.

However, one toy from the line that I still possess is the Bionic Woman Sports Car.  This car is “Designed for action-packed Bionic adventures!” and comfortably houses Jaime and a passenger (either Steve, Oscar or Maskatron…).

The car comes equipped with a “Front storage area with bionic plug-in for first aid and repairs” and a “back storage area for extra clothing, shoes, and mission purse.” 

If this car were Steve’s, I can’t imagine the trunk would be for extra “shoes.”

Anyway, the car’s side doors open in the event of brake malfunction.  Or as the box puts it: “Emergency - - - Brakes failed! Don’t worry - - - Door swings open to help Jaime make bionic stops.”

The bionic toy which I always wanted, but never had, however is the Six Million Dollar Man Venus Probe Toy.  That thing could have really gone head-to-head with Jaime’s sports car…'

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