Friday, July 20, 2012

Bat-a-palooza: The Rogue's Gallery


  1. HOLY BAT PIE! [first thing that came to mind]

    My, you've been a busy boy. I wake up and it's like waking up to weeds in my yard that seem to crop up through the night. OF course, your posts are much more like flowers.

    John. I am thoroughly enjoying Bat a palooza! This was a pleasure to wake up to with the morning joe. WOW!

    THe rogue's gallery is fantastic. It makes me hungry for that Batman TV series box set even more. What are they waiting for? Good grief.

    Anyway, it's a thrill a minute this morning with your terrific run of posts. I look forward digging in.

    Seeing all of these villains makes me wish Christopher Nolan wasn't human with other desires, other dreams, other goals, where he could stand by that camera and keep making Batman films. His trilogy will no doubt be one of the best in cinema history. I can't wait to see the new film. And please, let's see that BAtman TV series come to life on DVD/ Blu-Ray.
    Cheers my friend

    1. Hi SFF:

      I would love to see Batman released on DVD too, my friend. It's a crucial part of our pop culture, and a blazing (if controversial...) example of pop art. It's time for an official release, but the issues stopping it are staggering...

      Thank you for the comment, my friend. Hope you enjoy Bat-a-palooza!


    2. To think the money they could make on a set release with all of the Batman films that reactivate interest every so many years. What a shame.

      Also, I had THE biggest crush on rogue image number three and the actress that played that particular Catwoman. She was just fffffinnneee! What a beauty.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    What an extremely impressive cast of actors and actresses potraying these colorful villians on the '60s Batman series. They certaining all were wonderful at their respective roles.



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