Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The United Province of Ivanlandia: Laughing with Chains

Ivan Lerner, the mad genius and great writer behind The United Province of Ivanlandia, today offers up a terrific contribution to the Blogathon, "Laughing with Chains." 

As his post title indicates, Ivan chooses as his point of focus the character Chains (Henriksen) in the actioner Stone Cold (1991)  Ivan has some great (and typically funny...) observations about the film and that memorable villain here.


But LH still gives delicious performances, giving depth and shade where THERE WAS NO FUCKING WAY it was in the script—which makes me think he takes on these projects as challenges, and I like that.

Make sure to check out the whole article.  Thanks Ivan, for sharing this a bit of Chains/Lance love!


  1. It's another classic, unconventional, deconstruction of the art form Ivan style. Always an enaging post from Ivanlandia!
    Best, SFF

  2. Y'know, I never properly thanked you for this awesome shout-out: Thanks! I owe you some beers!


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