Sunday, May 08, 2011

Special Thanks; and a Blogathon comes to an end!

Joe Maddrey and I want to heartily thank everyone who participated in this week's amazing Blogathon. 

It's been a blast for the two of us, and we hope you enjoyed reading all the wonderful posts about Mr. Henriksen and his diverse career.    I would like to say a warm "job well done" and thanks to Joe, who has been a real and valuable partner through this process.  I've known Joe for six years now (hard to believe), and every time we get to work together on a project it's a true pleasure.

Joe and I also want to thank the one-and-only Mr. Lance Henriksen for proving such a rich source of inspiration to so many folks.  It's been amazing and very rewarding to see how deeply he's affected different viewers, and for what roles, in particular, this has been the case.

Last, but never, ever least, a special word of appreciation and gratitude goes out to all the hard-working participants in the Blogathon. 

These remarkable talents include

Michael Alatorre
Jim Blanton
Adam Chamberlain
Jane Considine
Troy Foreman
Mike Gencarelli
E.M. Gist
Jósef Karl Gunnarsson
Christine Hadden
William Johnson
Chris Kuchta
Unkle Lancifer
Ivan Lerner
J.D. Lafrance
Jim McLean
Alison Nastasi
Gordon Roberts
Brian Solomon
Dominik Starck
David Steece
Sean Summerfield
the Outlaw Vern
Terri Wilson.

Thank you all, so very much, for everything.  Let's do this again sometime...


  1. Bravo!!! Congrats to both of you for successfully bringing off this celebration for the one and only Lance Henriksen. It was awesome. Heartfelt thanks to all.

  2. Le0pard13:

    Thank you, Michael, for your excellent contributions to the blogathon this week. You gave us some wonderful reading (and I'm still thinking about Bishop vs. Rafe...).

    All my best,

  3. It was an honor and pleasure to be part of it.

    Congratulations on a fun week focused on this fine actor.

    Some terrific work all around.
    Take care
    SFF - gr

  4. Thanks for setting this up!


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