Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Pineal Eye: Lance Henriksen Interview: Not Bad for A Human

Journalist Alison Nastasi today returns for her fourth amazing contribution to our blogathon.  In this case, The Pineal Eye presents some fascinating outtakes from Alison's recent interview with Lance Henriksen at FEARnet. 

There's so much good stuff here, from Lance talking about how he views the world, to his least-favorite color for dining ware.  It's a really great glimpse into the mind of the artist. 

” … I’ve had a distinct feeling in my youth that I was going to come and go, and no one was ever going to know I was there. I remember somebody reciting a Dylan Thomas poem to me and it was something like: ‘Wherever I went in those lamb white days, I left my quivering prints.’ And what I got out of that was just … you can come and go and never be heard from again, like the billions or millions that have already inhabited the earth.”
Thanks so much for this, Alison.

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