Friday, May 06, 2011

Musings of a Sci-Fi Fanatic: Lance Henriksen: Profile And Measures Of The Millennium Man

One of my daily reads is always Gordon Roberts' Musings of a Sci-Fi Fanatic.  Gordon is one of those bloggers you get addicted to reading in short order, gifted with an obsessive and perfect eye for detail, and a strong critical/appreciative voice.  Today, he brings to us what I can only term the "mother" of all Millennium posts.

With meticulous attention, the Sci-Fi Fanatic writes "Lance Henriksen: Profile And Measures Of The Millennium Man," a post that remembers the specificities of Millennium's first season (down to an episode report card at the end of the post), and pays specific attention to Lance Henriksen's particular alchemy in the lead role of Frank Black.

His inexhaustible, world weary eyes, cult face and voice [yes, that voice] has appeared in over 150 genre TV and Film titles. His is an extraordinary body of work. There has always been something special in those eyes of the man who would be Frank Black [Millennium] - always something going on behind them. The eyes communicate the unspoken word. The wheels and machinery of his mind constantly turning. That twinkle gives each and every one of Henriksen's unique characters, however big or small, something unique of the man. The camera loves Lance Henriksen and Henriksen loves the work. It's this relationship that makes him such a huge hit with fans. He brings a touch of class to the slightest part often saving material, but he's not a superman as some poor film choices have proven.

Thank you Gordon, for contributing this lengthy and rewarding analysis of Henriksen and Carter's work in Millennium. 


  1. SFF went beyond the call to duty with this. Such a great, detailed read for one of my all-time favorite TV series. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Michael! You guys are the best.


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