Friday, May 06, 2011

Kindertrauma: Mimic: Sentinel (2003)

The incomparable Unkle Lancifer of Kindertrauma finds another "LANCE HENRIKSEN log to throw on the blogothon fire," a great and insightful review of Mimic: Sentinel (2003).

Unk digs deep into the buggy proceedings of this horror film sequel, and adds new layers of interpretation and analysis to the film that I hadn't considered.


SENTINEL takes its time and perhaps I’m a dying breed, but I welcome that. Much like PETTY’s later flick THE BURROWERS, the film holds back on the firework show until the viewer has been properly initiated. When things go down, they go down hard and the aggressiveness is all the more shocking thanks to its previous scarcity. There are a slew of interesting ideas scattering about concerning the act of “seeing” in general. We understand Marvin’s outlook on the world through his photography. Much of what we observe is through his camera and eventually the line between viewer and subject blurs. When Marvin does finally put his camera down, we suddenly find ourselves watching him from afar through a lens as he once watched others. Trust me, there’s more infesting this movie than giant mutant bugs.

Another great one, Unk!  Thanks.


  1. Another classic choice from Kindertrauma!

    I absolutely loved Guillermo Del Toro's Mimic.

    I've never seen the other two. Uncle's review gives me pause to so as it's really the first time I've heard much about them.

    I knew they existed but sort of steered clear and I knew Lance was in #3. I'm glad the film concentrates on what works well in these kinds of low budget films.


  2. Hi SFF:

    Yep, Kindertrauma never disappoints. His review makes me want to see the film again, with a closer eye.